Smoking Cessation


Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK and results in killing 7 million people each year world wide. It also affects other people’s health, second hand smoke kills 1 million people each year.

Imagine how healthy you would feel every day if you were no longer taking in cigarette smoke, with all its deadly carcinogenic poisons, into your body. Imagine how much younger and fitter you would become if your body’s processes were working to optimise your health and energy, rather than being damaged daily.

Imagine how happy and confident you would feel knowing that you had lengthened your life by years if not decades, knowing that you had greatly improved your chances of avoiding life threatening illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease.

Stopping smoking may appear to be a challenge for some, but it’s one of the best things we can do for our health. Smoking is a deadly habit and is a leading cause of cancer, it increases the risks of heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and many other health problems.

The therapist guides the client into a relaxed state enabling direct access to their subconscious mind, by using positive suggestion and imagery the therapist is able to focus on the behaviours that the client wishes to change.

The benefits of stopping smoking begin straight away – you reduce your risk of getting serious disease no matter what age you give up.

Like all other habits, smoking is hard to stop as it has become part of your daily routine. However, both “Which” and “New Scientist” magazines have reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking.
Stopping smoking requires motivation, effort and a desire to want to stop the habit, hypnotherapy still requires all of these things in order for you to be successful.